4 September 2008

It is going to rain like a cunt at Bestival. With heavy showers forecast for Friday, and light showers and hammering winds for Saturday and Sunday. It is supposed to improve on Monday, when everyone leaves.

Bestival tickets were being advertised on Ebay and Gumtree between £130 – £200 up until today, now only reaching between £60 and £90. If you like wet windy festivals and bargains, get in there.

Forecast from BBC

Forecast from BBC

From the MET Office website –

Friday –

“Cloudy with occasionally heavy rain spreading from the south together with strong and gusty southeasterly winds. Heavy rain will clear to sunny spells and scattered showers later in the afternoon. Maximum temperature 17 °C.”

Friday – Monday

“Generally unsettled on Saturday and Sunday with scattered, locally heavy showers or longer spells of rain and strong winds at times. It should become drier and brighter on Monday.”

Wet festivals are not nearly as fun

Wet festivals are not nearly as fun

This will be my first year of non-attendance, this forecast has really cheered me up.

I still have Friday and Monday off work to kick back, relax, and enjoy the benefit of dry socks and electricity. Enjoy trudging around in mud all weekend and sleeping in a damp tent.



  1. n01d Says:

    Oh, and WET WET WET


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  3. […] I gave the Bestival a miss last year, because by the time I thought about buying a ticket they were all sold out and going for very large sums on Ebay. Then the weather reports rolled in, and all of a sudden the price of a Bestival ticket plummeted. By this stage I didn’t really feel like going anymore, despite the fact that I’d attended the previous three years. I heard from my friends that it was still pretty good, and I love Glastonbury for the mud, but the Bestival site is extremely badly suited to bad weather; essentially, a big bowl. […]

  4. […] goes to show you how weak this year’s line-up is. You never know, there might be some notable special guests still to be announced, but as long as the weather is an improvement on last year I will be looking […]

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