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This Week’s Consumption – Music, TV & Film

31 March 2009


At work we’re using Spotify for the office ambience. It’s great because there is a massive amount of (particuarly old) musics on there and you can share collaborative playlists which can still be edited by anyone, even when they’re playing. I have found it to be particuarly useful when searching for old jazz and blues artists, whose whole discography is often available.

Ammoncontact – Sounds Like Everything

Dr. Who Dat – Beyond 2Morrow & Beat Journey

Ahmad Jamal – The Awakening Read the rest of this entry »


Daily Mail scaremongering – ID Cards for the Isle of Wight ferry?

30 March 2009

The Daily Mail yesterday reported that as part of a new anti-terrorism strategy, identification would be required for ferry travel within the UK. The proposed legislation allows police to “collect advanced passenger data on some domestic air and sea journeys”.

Porno addict Jacqui Smith will sign-off the draconian legislation

Porn-addict and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will approve the draconian legislation

According to the Mail, ‘a Home Office spokesman’ confirmed that the measures would stipulate that passengers must show photo ID, such as a driving license or biometric ID card, when booking tickets for domestic air and sea journeys. The powers have to be signed off by porn-addict Jacqui Smith. Read the rest of this entry »

Teeth Grinding during the Credit Crunch

30 March 2009

Plummeting house prices, a sinking economy and high unemployment are causing a lot of people stress at the moment. An uncertain future can cause some to lie awake at night grinding their teeth, eventually costing them a fortune at the dentists. Dentists in America have reported massive increases in teeth grinding and clenching since the global economic downturn shook up the financial markets. Stress is thought to be the main cause of teeth grinding and clenching and results in worn, chipped teeth, tender gums, headaches, jaw pain, neck ache and even muscle spasms.





With most people feeling quite cash-strapped at the moment, the chances are many of the people who need dental attention will skip the dentist to save money, which will further degenerate the state of their teeth and cost them more money in the long term. Many people grind their teeth while sleeping, completely unaware that they are doing it Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the Isle of Wight, there’s no jobs – with Derek Sandy

27 March 2009

I just saw that Derek Sandy made the b3ta newsletter. For those that don’t know, the Isle of Wight is a tropical paradise and it is kind of, sort of, where I come from. I would like to point out, however, that my parents are from up north and I am not an inbred caulkhead retard like everyone else there.



I applied for a job at the Isle of Wight festival today, predominantly because the Pixies have been announced – a very unexpected addition to the line-up. I don’t miss the Isle of Wight much, especially when I hear from friends who are still there, hopelessly applying for over-subscribed jobs and counting the days until summer arrives and suddenly Royston Vasey turns into Sweet Valley High.

According to a report by the Trade Union Congress, the Isle of Wight is the ‘worst in country’ for jobs, with more jobseekers per vacant post than any other county. Isle of Wight Councillers have disputed the claim.

Twos, letters and saves – A guide to cigarettes

19 March 2009

When I searched Google for saves, letters and twos I was bitterly disappointed. Why was the top result about silicon filtering and not about sharing fags, tabs or ciggies on the schoolbus. This was one pillar of education which I did not miss out on, and one which I hope now to communicate to you.

this is what smoking on the bus is all about


Twos is standard. It means giving up half of your cigarette to someone, simply because they had the cheek and audacity to ask for it. Twos can apply to anything, including food, drink and sexual partners. Read the rest of this entry »

Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins – cunt or sell-out?

12 March 2009

I am slightly pissed off that I can’t seem to sign up to the Smashing Pumpkins’ forum. No, I haven’t suddenly found a place in my heart for Billy Corgan’s whiney melancholy warblings -I just saw a news story about him endorsing a Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger to congress.

sell-out cunt

In the statement he claims that the record industry is “broken” and that “Without sustainable, consistent economic models upon which to make key decisions, it is both the music and the fans that suffer.” What this has to do with a merger between two ticket providers is beyond me, but clearly Billy Corgan is concerned for his bank balance. 

No Doubt have stood up for themselves by pledging to sell 10% of the tickets to their North American tour direct to fans instead of letting Ticketmaster pick them up. Read the rest of this entry »