Daily Mail scaremongering – ID Cards for the Isle of Wight ferry?

30 March 2009

The Daily Mail yesterday reported that as part of a new anti-terrorism strategy, identification would be required for ferry travel within the UK. The proposed legislation allows police to “collect advanced passenger data on some domestic air and sea journeys”.

Porno addict Jacqui Smith will sign-off the draconian legislation

Porn-addict and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will approve the draconian legislation

According to the Mail, ‘a Home Office spokesman’ confirmed that the measures would stipulate that passengers must show photo ID, such as a driving license or biometric ID card, when booking tickets for domestic air and sea journeys. The powers have to be signed off by porn-addict Jacqui Smith.

The idea that it’s going to get even more difficult to get off ‘the Island’ than ever is a depressing thought. Hopefully it is just Daily Mail scaremongering and opinion-inviting, and this power will never come into force.

Jacqui Smith, leave us alone and go and watch ‘Gash for Cash’. The Police don’t need these new powers, and a terrorist attack being carried out, or planned on the Isle of Wight seems extremely unlikely.


31/3 – Actually this is bullshit and it only actually applies to travel between Britain and Ireland. Terrorists from Ireland? Somewhat more plausible.

The Daily Mail were scaremongering.


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