This Week’s Consumption – Music, TV & Film

31 March 2009


At work we’re using Spotify for the office ambience. It’s great because there is a massive amount of (particuarly old) musics on there and you can share collaborative playlists which can still be edited by anyone, even when they’re playing. I have found it to be particuarly useful when searching for old jazz and blues artists, whose whole discography is often available.

Ammoncontact – Sounds Like Everything

Dr. Who Dat – Beyond 2Morrow & Beat Journey

Ahmad Jamal – The Awakening


Human League – Being Boiled

Doom – Born Like This

Mansun – Six

Doves – The Last Broadcast


Elvis Costello & the Attractions – Pump It Up

Shabba Ranks

Smutlee Vice mix


My TV broked last week, so I have been watching a bit less TV, which is a good thing. So I’ve been downloading some telly and buying cheap DVDs from Asda.




South Park

American Dad

Family Guy


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