Spotify playlist

3 April 2009

I’ve been listening to music on Spotify a lot recently. For those that don’t know, Spotify is a piece of software which allows users to search for music and create playlists which can be shared and edited. There’s also artist and genre radio stations like those provided on LastFM. The great thing about it is the volume and diversity of the music available there. It’s a great way of reading up about artists and getting a feel for their back catalogue.

I’m making this playlist available to anyone who is using Spotify, and I’ve made it a collaborative playlist so feel free to mix it up or add some new songs for me to hear. I can continue to edit that playlist while you listen to it, and if you change my playlist it will change immediately on my computer. Quite cool.

Today there is a story in the Metro today about Spotify offering paid downloads sometime soon, to rival itunes. I don’t think I will ever pay for mp3s but anyone who rivals Apple is alright by me.

Has anyone else been using Spotify? What do you reckon? Feel free to share your own playlists.


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