Festival Season, Bestival and Hugo Frusslinky

23 April 2009

Well festival season is approaching once again, and I’m scrambling around wondering how I’m going to get to go to the festivals this year. I think I will be recycling for six hours a day at Glastonbury, serving drinks at the Isle of Wight festival, and hopefully drinking gin and being merry at Rob Da Bank’s Bestival, as long as I can still get a ticket of course.

I gave the Bestival a miss last year, because by the time I thought about buying a ticket they were all sold out and going for very large sums on Ebay. Then the weather reports rolled in, and all of a sudden the price of a Bestival ticket plummeted. By this stage I didn’t really feel like going anymore, despite the fact that I’d attended the previous three years. I heard from my friends that it was still pretty good, and I love Glastonbury for the mud, but the Bestival site is extremely badly suited to bad weather; essentially, a big bowl.

To be honest with you I’m not super-excited about the line-up. I have seen Kraftwerk’s lack of performance on television before, which might have been fun when they were fresh-faced kraut-robot-rock singers, but now they’re old. It just can’t be the same. Elbow and Doves might be pretty cool, and there are quite a few decent DJs to check out, but compared with previous year’s line-ups, it’s pretty damn weak.

One exciting development is ‘Island Day‘; a whole day of Isle of Wight music on the bandstand. I have seen some great Isle of Wight music in the past, from The Bees, to their side project Pnu Riff, to death-reggae sing-a-long singers Mista Mushroom, to the Motion Pictures. I even have fond memories of playing Bestival 2007 with my old band, I Love Audrey.

I don’t love all the music from the Isle of Wight, but there is some good stuff at Bestival this year. I’m looking forward to Mr Bump & Top Shelf’s dj set, Price dj set, who recently put out a record on the DPR label, and Hugo Frusslinky.

Jono from Hugo got in touch to play me their new EP, which is a banger by the way.


1. Fatty Boom Boom

2. Cowtown    

(Download here)


The only reason I am attending the Isle of Wight festival is because The Pixies are playing, otherwise I would strongly reccomend anyone with a soul to steer well clear of this corporate event.


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