Alice Coltrane – Ptah the El Daoud

14 May 2009

This week some of my ebay purchases started arriving. Yellow Magic Orchestra, Mogwai, Camel, Dead Kennedys; it’s exciting stuff. It feels great to be buying records again, I don’t know why I stopped for so long. Next month I might even be able to afford some new needles and cartridges so I can actually listen to them! I’m thinking it might be worth investing in some concorde cartridges.

Today I picked up Alice Coltrane – Ptah the El Daoud from the post office. A worn-out, battered gatefold sleeve with an immaculate, hardly-played LP inside. It also has a pretty cool cover –>

‘Turiya & Ramakrishna’ is the main reason for this purchase. It has some sick bluesy piano playing which sounds like a piano falling down the stairs, in a nice way where the piano ends up spreading its wings and fluttering away like a beautiful butterfly. Alice Coltrane was a bit fruity, and definitely released too many albums. However, Ptah the El Daoud and Journey in Satchidananda are gold.

Alice Coltrane – Ptah the El Daoud (1971)

It was last week that I finally got myself some decent studio monitors, some KRK RP5’s to be precise, and they sound lovely. I’m hoping that these will help me finish some of the music I have been working on for years and years. That means hopefully I’ll be posting some of my own music up soon, as well as a mixtape at some point.

Rokit KRK RP5

They go BOOM!


One Response to “Alice Coltrane – Ptah the El Daoud”

  1. Chris Says:

    awesome album, thx!

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