Add N to [X] – Avant Hard

18 May 2009

Add N to [X] were way before their time. It’s like they predicted the boredom enduced by track after track of soulless electro in 2009. They were on more of a live vibe, with a pile of retro synthesizers, live drums (sometimes two live drummers!) and strong concepts for songs, videos and artwork.

There might not be much in the way of sub-bass convulsions but the lively drumming, imploding synths and strange vocal stylings of Ann Shenton add something much more lasting – character. There’s strong sexual overtones, from ‘Metal Fingers in My Body’ to ‘Plug Me In‘, which both have sexually-explicit videos:

The second album, ‘On the Wires of Our Nerves’, had an amazing cover depicting a synthesizer being surgically removed from lead singer Ann Shenton’s torso. It was described as “like Stereolab with a rocket shoved up their rectum”.


The best cover, maybe, but not the best album. That title goes to Avant Hard, their third album from 1999. Expect relentless punk drumming, synthesizers to end the world and some fruity vocal styles.


Much more ‘bonkers’ than Dizzee Rascal.


5 Responses to “Add N to [X] – Avant Hard”

  1. drutdrut Says:

    that plug me in video left me a little hot under the collar…thanks for the heads up on that pirate south park also they never miss. if you got a spare hal hour you should check a show they made in 2001 called thats my bush. absolutely ridiculous.

    • n01d Says:

      ah cool i’m checking that tonight…

      for anyone else who might be interested in That’s My Bush – LINK

      • n01d Says:

        That is a really strange show. Impressively generic in terms of American sitcoms, but dealing with some big issues (the death penalty, abortion) in a South Park-style ridiculous way.

        “one of these days I’m gonna punch you in the face”

  2. drutdrut Says:

    yeah i thought it was superLOL. i like the way they never take any kind of obvious route to make a point. also when the aborted feutus strats riding around on the dog.

  3. mikrosopht Says:

    So much love for Add N to (X). Tough as nails.

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