The Shirehorses – The Worst Album in the World…Ever & Our Kid Eh

22 May 2009

Do you remember when Mark Radcliffe had the graveyard shift on Radio 1? He used to play some good music (did you know it was Mark Radcliffe who discovered White Town – Your Woman?) and have poetry reading and stupid banter. I sometimes used to record the show on cassette, and loved it when they used to do silly cover versions. I think my favourite will always be Gazebo – Lardy Boy.

Later, when they sold out onto the Breakfast Show, they started churning out these cover versions pretty quickly, and their popularity grew to an extent which facilitated a cd release of the songs. Crappy versions of late-90s britpop. It’s Friday!

Our Kid Eh


The Worst Album in the World..Ever..Ever!


And someone else was home taping, and has ripped and uploaded bits of the graveyard shift. Mark Radcliffe now shares a Radio 2 show with Stuart Maconie, while Marc Riley (Lard) has a BBC 6 Music show. I feel so lucky to have had Mark Radcliffe and John Peel on the radio when I was growing up, Andy Kershaw can still fuck off though.


One Response to “The Shirehorses – The Worst Album in the World…Ever & Our Kid Eh”

  1. harry Says:

    word up that show was rad. i remember this weird thing they used to do called the adventures of slim and shady the woodland rabbits. dope fi reel

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