Bestival 2009 Mixtape

2 June 2009


I’m starting to look forward to the Bestival a little bit. The line-up is a bit cack really, although I have just started enjoying last year’s Fleet Foxes album so I was pleased when I re-checked the line-up and clocked them on there. If you’re feeling a bit bummed by the line-up, then why not check out the File Life Bestival 2009 Mixtape. Who knows you might even find some new music that you’ll want to check out when you’re there. Or something.

OK, so it’s not mixed, nor is it on a tape. ‘Bestival 2009 fistful of mp3s’ might have been more accurate but I wanted an excuse to insert an image of a cassette:


01. Elbow – Any Day Now (from ‘Asleep in the Back’)

02. Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood (from ‘Ragged Wood’)

03. Doves – There Goes the Fear (from ‘The Last Broadcast’)

04. Flying White Dots – Tears of Fire (from ‘3D’)

05. Squarepusher – Iambic 9 Poetry (from ‘Ultravisitor’)

06. Hugo Frusslinky – Fatty Boom Boom

07. Diplo – Reload It (from ‘Decent Work for Decent Pay’)

08. Kraftwerk – The Man-Machine (from ‘The Man-Machine’)

……Download link

An eight track mixtape? That just goes to show you how weak this year’s line-up is. You never know, there might be some notable special guests still to be announced, but as long as the weather is an improvement on last year I will be looking for a last minute ticket/gap in the fence/good reason not to go, despite a line-up which fails to inspire.


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