The Twitter Twatter of Tiny Tweets

16 June 2009

I’m starting to hate Facebook even more. I’ve hidden almost everyone from my News Feed, and am becoming sick to death of being asked to become a fan of a friend’s band/shop/cake/hairstyle. My favourite is the “How much do you know about me?” application, as if you’re expected to visit their profile more often to find out more about them so you can rank well in the quiz. Who knows; if your score is high enough you could become real friends! It’s amazing how a lot of people are actually more forthcoming and confident on the internet than in person.


While Facebook connects me with my cousins, my colleagues and old teachers, and tags me in a photo every time I go out drinking, Twitter gives me a cheap, sleazy, anonymous thrill. I can see what Lily Allen is talking about today; it’s bound to be fascinating.  More likely I’ll be following some funny updates from Tim Westwood about DJing at a uni bar last night, or JME will be sharing his breakfast with the world. Minor celebrities talk about their daily lives. Enthralling.

There’s also the breaking news element to Twitter, such as the Carter-Fuck fiasco and the Conservative’s Cash Gordan fail. Twitter provides a good outlet for anonymity, and many accounts are conceptual or satirical.

What I really like about Twitter is the lack of emphasis on having profile information or photos. Twitter is primarily about short status updates, links to external sites, and the conversations you have on Twitter; nothing more. It’s not about adding and accepting, merely following and not following. Twitter does not try to tell you who your friends are by suggesting them, and it doesn’t want to know your postcode, your email address or your real name.


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