18 June 2009

There has been some seagulls nesting on the roof next to my kitchen for the last month or so. I know you shouldn’t throw fish ends out of the window, but when seagulls are squawking and flying around outside, it seems such a waste to throw them away.


The babies are quite big now, walking around and stretching their insufficient wings. The mum and dad seagull take turns with the kids, presumeably flying off to find food elsewhere. Sometimes the daddy lands on the windowsill and taps the window with his beak. Then I open the window and feed it a cracker.

He sat there looking at me for at least half an hour while I photographed him. He got the cracker in the end.

Dallas Penn published some nice photos of hungry seagulls attacking people for ice cream.


3 Responses to “Gully”

  1. Dallas Says:

    These birds will eat anything and they are afraid of no one.

  2. Lottie Says:


  3. n01d Says:

    Brighton Bird on Streetview

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