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Betty Davis

14 July 2009

I’ve been listening to a bit of Betty Davis, and I even managed to find some functioning links for her first three albums.

Betty DavisBetty Davis – Betty Davis

Betty Davis - DifferentBetty Davis – They Say I’m Different

Betty Davis - Nasty GirlBetty Davis – Nasty Gal


Loop Festival 2009 Mixtape

9 July 2009
There is a free Loop Festival mixtape available on the NME site, but all the tracks are seperate and badly labelled. I have labelled them up, zipped them up, and take pleasure in presenting to you the Loop Festival 2009 mixtape as it should have been…

Bad news in that the festival has had to have been moved indoors, due to the bad weather Brighton is supposed to be having on the weekend. I’m not sure what sort of pricing solution will suit my budget, but I won’t be missing Múm, after their experiencing their earth-shattering DJ set at Bestival 2007 (I think).

I stole this blogpost from the new blog I just set up for Pick n Mix, a new club night in Brighton which I am trying to shamelessly promote.

Wednesday the 8th of July, 2009

8 July 2009

I didn’t watch Michael Jackson’s funeral on the telly last night, but I did hear some of it as Five Live cut periodically to a family member murdering one of his songs from the pub-based cricket chat. I’m finding Five Live better than Radio Four at the moment, so there.

The Ashes have started, and I couldn’t give a toss. I tell you what though, the commentary and the sound of ball on bat is quite soothing to listen to at work, and makes a change from stressing over finding some good music to listen to in the office that doesn’t offend anyone. I can work to cricket.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the bomb attacks on the London Underground. I heard some interesting conspiracy theories when it first happened, including the film ‘Mind The Gap‘ presented by David Shayler (who later disappointed me by appearing in the Daily Mail wearing a white robe, talking about how he had divine powers). I look forward to the results of the independent inquiry. Is there going to be an independent inquiry? Conspiracy theories are way more interesting than the results of enquiries though.

The weather is nice today. The big storm yesterday seems to have cleared the air, and allowed the sun to beat down once more. The gulls are doing fine, although 2/3 have fallen down from the tallest bit of roofing to a slightly lower platform below it. Their white feathers are beginning to come through and they seem to be hassling their parents increasingly vigerously for food. They are also accomplishing flight, albeit temporarily in high winds. Mum is limping and generally standing on one leg most of the time.