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At last – Appleseed Cast, Re-Issued

11 February 2010

After watching the triple coloured vinyl set consistently going for around ¬£100 on Ebay, my patience has finally paid off and Deep Elm are re-issuing Appleseed Cast‘s excellent ‘Low Level Owl‘ double album. Originally released in 2001, Low Level Owl was a big hit on my stereo. Moving away from an emo rock sound, Low Level Owl saw the band embrace ¬†soundscapes, atmospherics, minimal song structures in the form of experimental instrumentals. There are also tediously long liner notes detailing recording techniques and the writing process, which I love.

Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl (i & ii)

The chrome re-issue doesn’t look quite as nice as the triple coloured set originally issued though:

the nice old one


DM Bob & The Deficits

4 February 2010

I’m surprised I managed to find links to the Cheapo Crypt Samplers, and even more surprised that I managed to find some albums by some of the bands on there. There was a solitary mediafire link for DM Bob & The Deficits, and I had to put that right and post it here. Track 3, ‘Two Headed Woman’ is on the Crypt sampler and was what prompted me to check it out.¬†Enjoy German cowpunk:

Dm Bob & The Deficits - Bush Hog n ManDm Bob & The Deficits – Bush Hog n Man