At last – Appleseed Cast, Re-Issued

11 February 2010

After watching the triple coloured vinyl set consistently going for around £100 on Ebay, my patience has finally paid off and Deep Elm are re-issuing Appleseed Cast‘s excellent ‘Low Level Owl‘ double album. Originally released in 2001, Low Level Owl was a big hit on my stereo. Moving away from an emo rock sound, Low Level Owl saw the band embrace  soundscapes, atmospherics, minimal song structures in the form of experimental instrumentals. There are also tediously long liner notes detailing recording techniques and the writing process, which I love.

Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl (i & ii)

The chrome re-issue doesn’t look quite as nice as the triple coloured set originally issued though:

the nice old one


3 Responses to “At last – Appleseed Cast, Re-Issued”

  1. n01d Says:

    Somehow Paypal ended up putting the wrong postcode on the delivery address for my order. I hope it turns up.

  2. subpots Says:

    hell yeah hefner!! ive been caning tht one for a while then forgot about it, but my housemate just downloaded all of the john peel festive fifties and theres some heavy doses of hefner in the 99 one…all of them have some serious gems on them, lots of subpop style bits…excpept the one that rob da bank did which is mostly dubstep shites

  3. n01d Says:

    To Royal Mail’s credit, the incorrect postcode was crossed out and it arrived at the right address. Then I left it on the platform at Havant train station yesterday – the saga continues with Waterloo lost property.

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