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RIP Jack Rose 1971 – 2009

23 March 2010

I didn’t hear about Jack Rose’s death until after Christmas, but it did sadden me. I had wanted to go and see him and the Black Twig Pickers play at Komedia in November, but decided not to go as I had broken both my wrists just five days earlier, while watching Despised Icon at the Concorde. I had been listening to Pelt and Dr. Ragtime & His Pals a lot in 2009, appreciating the old blues style and ragtime revivalism. I’ve started to try some different tunings and plucking on the guitar myself as a result.

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Stones Throw Beat Battles

22 March 2010

I’ve been doing the Stones Throw Message Board Beat Battles for over six months now. A sample track is provided each week and producers have three days to create a 2-minute beat using the sample and some drums and bass (sometimes synths are allowed). At first I found finishing something so quickly a challenge, but as time has gone on I have begun to get my submission in each week (usually at the last possible moment, on a Thursday morning).

Producers comment on each other’s beats, and then vote for their favourite. The winner is the producer with the most votes and they go on to pick the sample track and rules for the following week’s battle.

My last submission was for #158, where we had to slice Kashif’s ‘Rumors’ from 1984.

There were some killer beats submitted for this battle, Goodwill took it with a ridiculously catchy beat. It was my most successful submission so far, receiving two votes. It’s definitely one of the strongest beats I’ve made for the battles. Check out STMB Beat Battle #158 and my submission, Really Good Paella. Read the rest of this entry »