Stones Throw Beat Battles

22 March 2010

I’ve been doing the Stones Throw Message Board Beat Battles for over six months now. A sample track is provided each week and producers have three days to create a 2-minute beat using the sample and some drums and bass (sometimes synths are allowed). At first I found finishing something so quickly a challenge, but as time has gone on I have begun to get my submission in each week (usually at the last possible moment, on a Thursday morning).

Producers comment on each other’s beats, and then vote for their favourite. The winner is the producer with the most votes and they go on to pick the sample track and rules for the following week’s battle.

My last submission was for #158, where we had to slice Kashif’s ‘Rumors’ from 1984.

There were some killer beats submitted for this battle, Goodwill took it with a ridiculously catchy beat. It was my most successful submission so far, receiving two votes. It’s definitely one of the strongest beats I’ve made for the battles. Check out STMB Beat Battle #158 and my submission, Really Good Paella.

It’s a fun competition, and it’s useful to receive feedback from other like-minded producers. Every producer tries to flip the sample in a unique way, and I’ve found it a great way to work on my production technique, sampling, creativity and mixing. I’d recommend it for any producer, particuarly if you find it hard to finish your stuff.


One Response to “Stones Throw Beat Battles”

  1. n01d Says:

    #143 was another good week for me, no votes but my beat is gold and I used no outside samples at all-

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