24 August 2010

Before my hard drive crashes and I lose my mountain of music, I thought I would publish my earliest demos. These tracks are all from around 2000 I think. I used  a Fostex 4-track to record everything, my guitar, my brother’s bass, pots & pans and even an egg timer.

Recently I started submitting entries for the Stones Throw Beat Battle, taking 2/3 days to sample a predetermined track and making a 2-minute beat. Next I’ll post a zip of my greatest beat submissions.

For now, here are my first fledging recordings:

fostex four-track recorder



2 Responses to “n01d3m0”

  1. Adam Boulton Says:

    I liked them then, I like them now.

    • n01d Says:

      Thanks Ad, I am constantly working to finish something else, but have failed to do so for a very long time.

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