Stones Throw Beat Battle #184

21 September 2010

There was no band practise last week so I decided to submit a beat for the Stones Throw Beat Battles, and I won! Well I drew with GoodWill and Milky Way, and I’m sure this has something to do with the fact that I didn’t get around to voting. Nonetheless I am really chuffed.

This was the sample–>

And this was my effort.


2 Responses to “Stones Throw Beat Battle #184”

  1. subpots Says:

    thats riiiiiiiiiiight lush. nice work. it made me glad i have sound on my computer again. also the old demos brought back ancient memories as i must have had them at some point?

  2. n01d Says:

    yeah harry i remember you cut up “indow” once upon a time. Was chuffed about the beat battle, the standard is really high on there and I just banged out my entry in a few hours – rare.

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